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Appliance Moving in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Moving heavy appliances is our speciality and we have a dedicated team to perform these activities. We can dismantle, pack and move the big air conditioners from 2 to 5 tons. We can dismantle from any floor and any height.

We can relocate all kinds of heavy and central air conditioners and building HVAC systems with dismantling, packing, moving and installation.

Heavy Refrigerators Moving

We move all kinds of residential and commercial refrigerators, freezers and chillers. Heavy refrigerating units moving in Dubai is a challenging task but with proper planning and precautions, it can be done by our team safely and efficiently.

By using proper equipment we will make sure that your refrigeration unit is safe and also the floor, doors and walls during moving.

If your fridge is full of items don’t worry our team will bring carton boxes and first they will empty the refrigerator to make sure no damage while move.

Hire A Professional to Move Your Appliances:

We have a professional HVAC technician who will lead the move of your appliances. Our team will make sure that all safety guidelines are followed and the power disconnected properly.

We will protect your appliances from shaking which can cause minor damages mostly the refrigerators and Air conditioners.

Get an affordable quote for commercial appliances if you have a restaurant, cafe, chillers, laundry and medical equipment.

All the steps will be done by our own team like unplugging, dismantling, packing, transportation and installation.

TV Screen Dismantling, Packing and Installation

Najmat Suhail can help you if you are looking for professional to relocate your TV screen within house or to another house. Dismantling, packing, shifting and installation service for all kinds of screens.

We can help you to repair your appliances in Abu Dhabi as well