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Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the best movers and packers company in Abu Dhabi. Are you looking for movers and packers? If yes then check our services and contact us because our service is very different than other movers and packers Abu Dhabi.

It’s very complicated to shift your house or villa but the most complicated thing is to choose best shifting company. Which is totally care about your expensive stuff, and dismantle and pack everything properly to keep everything safe from scratch and other damage.
We provide Moving service in UAE whole but we are located in Abu Dhabi city near to khalifa city A and Sas Al Nakhl village.


1. Survey of house to shift

First of all we provide a short survey service when our customer contact us for moving and packing services in Abu Dhabi. We send surveyor based on fix time which is fixed between supervisor and customer.

Why we do survey for movers and packers service? Because we want to keep our customers very satisfied and happy from our service we don’t want to give me irrelevant and inaccurate price. When we do survey then we know what will be the best price for our house shifting customer.

2. Furniture Dismantling Process during house shifting.

We do proper dismantling of all big furniture like Beds, Bunk Beds, Cupboards, Dressing Tables, Dining Table, Sofas (if needed), Tv Stands etc to keep our movers and packers process smooth and soft.

But many customers scare when we do furniture dismantling while house shifting process that to not scratch our expensive furniture Etc. So for those peoples please keep in mind that we are best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi we will do complete care of your stuff and if any damage we will responsible for that.

3. Furniture packing process during house relocation

We provide proper packing service when we shifting house in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. We do professional packing of your stuff which can’t damage in our packing. We use Quality materials for packing service like (Carton boxes, Stretch Film Roll, Bubble Wrap, Tapes, Blankets, Packaging peanuts, thermocal sheet etc.)

For furniture we use Stretch roll and clean and soft blankets to protect it from any kind of damage and scratch, for glasses we use bubble wrap which is very protective for glasses and other expensive items, for small items like clothes, kitchen pots, living room items we use carton boxes to keep everything properly and easy after relocation to setup.

4. Shifting and Fixing process

When we finish dismantling and packing then we load it into our trucks which are box covered protective and shift it to the new house. The main thing is fixing of furniture which can be head ache sometimes but we have professional carpenters they are very fast in his responsibilities they fix everything in a short period of time and put everything as they picked up.

Two types of moving and packing services we provide

Types of Movers and Packers Service

There are two main types in the shifting, movers and packers, and relocation industry the one is Residential like houses and living areas and the other is commercial like business, offices, warehouses etc.
commercial and residential movers and packers
Commercial Moving and packing services in Abu Dhabi

We provide commercial movers and packers service in Abu Dhabi and whole UAE. We do office shifting, Store Shifting, Warehouse Shifting, and many more commercial shifting services. If you are planning to shift your office anywhere in UAE then contact us we will do a short survey and will give you quotation and don’t be stressful because we are professional office movers and packers in UAE.

We will professionally pack your files each department data will be in separate box no files and documents will merge together. And every work station will be fix properly, That why we are professional movers and packers for offices and commercial moving and packing.

Residential movers and packers in UAE

We provide house shifting services in Abu Dhabi and whole UAE. We do shifting of Houses, apartment shifting, villa shifting, studio shifting and many more. We provide proper services of house relocation and shifting in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm ul Quwian, Ruwais, Al Ain even all over UAE. Our main focus is on customer happiness that our customer must be satisfied from our moving and packing services.

movers and packers

Our Service Areas

Our Service location is whole UAE but the following are the most usable location which our customers are from. Peoples find us by the Regions.

movers and packers abu dhabi


Successful Customers

Customer trust and happiness

We provide very professional moving and shifting services to our clients. We take care of expensive furniture and other items during moving and packing service process. We have more than 3000 happy customers. Our movers and packers service mostly used by return customers we have all old customers which are very happy and satisfied from our services.

Why choose us for movers and packers service?

We are professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and all over UAE. We provide smooth and easy relocation services to our clients. Our movers services are totally trusted and safe. We are not looking for money we are looking straight forward for our customer happiness.

Reliable Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

We are cheap and affordable movers and packers we are not charge more than value because our service is valuable and we don’t want to give you high price which is more higher than your budget. First of all we do a short survey and give price because we are checking everything for packaging materials and for furniture carpentry services

Movers and packers Services

We provide Professoinal Movers and packers Services in UAE

Do you have any question regarding movers and Packers Company?

If you have any queries in your mind before hiring our movers company, Maybe you will find below or contact to clear.
movers abu dhabi

Yes we provide all kind of packaging materials and it’s price included in quotation regarding movers and packers service.

Yes we put everything to their original place as before but there are some items which we can’t without ladies not possible so those items you will setup by yourself when relocated will have been completed.

We will do your work completely carefully but if unfortunately anything will scratch or broken “we will responsible”.

It depends on items how much items you have and then depends on packing which kind of packing you need and also depends on distance and security management process.

We would like to pay by cash when work got complete. If you want to pay by bank or credit card so sorry we not accept wire transaction if the amount are less than 10,000 AED.

How movers and packers can be professional?

There are many ways which are make any company professional movers and packers. As we serving in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ruwais we have deep knowledge that how to be a professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

Clean work:

Work via clean moving and packing workers is very important thing in relocation industry. Because house items are very sensitive and it should be pack and shift on clean hands. We have clean and best crew workers which are washing and clean himself before going to work daily in clean uniforms.

No Use of customer personal things and food items:

Our workers are well trained that how to maintain company reputations and relations with our customers. We not use any kind of item in customers’ homes Even we not drink water without permission.

Polite and Positive Behavior with Customers and each other:

Our Movers and Packers workers, Sales Team and Supervisors are especially trained for the good manner and behavior. You get answers from our Team “Yes Sir, Ok Sir, Right Sir”. Also we are languages known like Arabic, English and Urdu|Hindi so it’s easier for you to understand and guide them as you want to shift your house In UAE.

Moving Company Core Values:

Proper Dismantling, Packing and Fixing

We do proper packing of every items which are you want to shift in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in United Arab Emirates, We have special packaging materials for each item like for Furniture we use Blankets, Stretch Roll and Clear Tape, For glass items and kitchen Utensils like dishes we use Bubble Wrap and Stretch Roll, For Small items we use Cardboard Box and Clear tape. We are totally responsible for any kind of damage in your work. Like we will repair with guarantee if we broken something.

Expertise and professionalism:

We have professional moving services experience in UAE we are expert in Dismantling, Packing and fixing.
We dismantle every furniture item properly because The Furniture Dismantling and fixing is the most important task in Relocation Industry but we have professional carpenters and workers for that they have more than 20 years of furniture carpentry experience. We do proper packing for all of your expensive stuff and then shift it to the new location. As we list here that we have professional and expert furniture carpenters they know how to fix the items in new house.
They give serial numbers to every side and joint of furniture and also if the item is more complicated then we capture some pictures of different angles because sometimes everyone can confuse.

Trustworthiness and Responsibility:

As a Professional Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi we would like to assure you that your trust is very important for us. We have trustful crew which is never involved in any stolen case yet. If they find anything in customers unwanted items also they return and ask for permission.
But there is one more thing in moving in Company that you have to keep Gold and Money with your personal items because our workers will put in boxes and then maybe we and you will not find on time. Therefore we don’t want to become a partner in any kind of misunderstanding.

movers & packers


Relocating? Moving? Transferring? Isn’t it exciting? Meeting new people, seeing new places and making new experiences is definitely good, but have you think about HOW WILL IT HAPPEN? How can you be able to move when you have a lot of furniture to bring and how much time and effort you need to spend to do all of that? Isn’t it stressful to think? From packing, dismantling and fixing of the furniture and appliances, it is very stressful work especially when you are also busy for other things. Loading, unloading and looking for a transportation truck to use is also a physically tiring and mentally stressful work to do. This is why we have moving and packing companies. The main advantage of having movers and packers is to help you do all the work for you. They will be the one to pack, load, unload, dismantle and fix all of your furniture. Service like movers and packers in Abu Dhabi is very common since people wanted to assure the safety of the things that needs to be relocated. They not just offering house shifting or house movers in Abu Dhabi but they also have Office Movers in Abu Dhabi which Professionals Packers and Movers in Abu Dhabi will help you in all the process of relocation for offices.

Every moving company in Abu Dhabi assures that the belongings of the clients will be all safe from packing up to the dismantling of it. Since they are Professional movers, they have a lot of best packing materials that they can use while ensuring the safety of the stuffs; packaging tapes, plastics, bubble wraps, and boxes which will make it safer while transporting to the other location.


Hiring Movers in Abu Dhabi will help you save time, money, energy and it will be also a stress – free work since packers and movers in Abu Dhabi will help you in shifting your furniture. They are just one call away and they will provide all the things that you need to do for the relocation. From the materials to be used up to the truck that will transfer your things; they will be the one to provide that. They will also give you an affordable price.


Movers in Abu Dhabi will ensure the safety of the items while being transferred. Your belongings that has been secured and packed will be transferred to a truck in a safest way. Moving Companies in Abu Dhabi will guarantee you that all of the items are in damage – free.


In choosing the Best Movers in Abu Dhabi you need to hire someone who value your furniture and who works in a very professional manner over money. Yes, money is definitely plays a big role in every business but working in a good way like seeing the value of furniture and taking care of it is the highlight of every furniture movers in Abu Dhabi.

movers and packers price

What will happen if you haven’t chosen Professional Movers and Packers Company?

There are most things will happen if you not selected a best movers company, because everything depends on company professionalism and work experience in the targeted area. Movers and packers Company is totally responsible for your items damage and scratch. We’ll try to cover all those things which are you have to know before choosing any moving company in Abu Dhabi.

  • Waste of money
  • Waste of Time
  • Furniture and other items Damages and Scratches

If you hired any freelancers, private or stand pickups to shift your house items in Abu Dhabi or in other Emirates of UAE then there are some things which can happen and there no GUARANTEE.

Maybe they can steal some of your expensive items because once they finish work then where you’ll find him. Or they can damage your items because of low packaging. As a professional moving company we serving since 20 years in UAE we have receiving too many complaints against the last time moving of our customers! Why? Because they damage items and also fight if you tell something about the work.

Your items can very damage then you can’t keep in home and also you can’t sell it the only way that you will have to recycle those favorite expensive items.
Now you’ll think that if there too much risk of not hiring a best movers and packers then why in UAE mostly peoples hire private pickups to shift their items?
This is why! Because they not charge like a legal and professional movers company. They charge half of real movers and Packers Company as they not provide any proper packing of furniture and other items, they don’t have proper wood carpenters which can properly and safely dismantle and fix your furniture, and there are all workers carpenters, drivers and packaging workers.

Now why the professional companies charge high?

The moving companies are not charge high they charge actual amount based on your house items, packing quality and distance but why you think that companies are charge high because of these freelance movers in UAE. Legal moving companies have permanent workers and other high expenses and the freelancers registered vehicles on transport companies and they have only expenses of items they use in work.


Moving from one place to another is definitely exciting but also tiring especially when you have a lot of furniture. It would be very time consuming, stressful and exhausting work to do. Assuring the safety of furniture is the main priority while relocation in Abu Dhabi. How about if you hire movers and packers that will help you do it all? First thing that will come into your mind is money right? You may think that it is really expensive but then you also think that you need to assure the safety of your valuables. If you are wondering whether you should hire movers and packers that can help you or do all the work just by yourself then this tips will definitely enlighten you.


First thing that you should do is to check all the furniture or appliances that you have at home. Make a list of it; from cabinets, televisions, beds, tables, refrigerators and etc. You also need to make a list which separates the furniture that are needed to dismantle first before packing and furniture that can be only pack and put into boxes. Doing this will help you to organized your things while relocating and it can save time since you already know which furniture you need to dismantle and pack first.


In dismantling the furniture, you need to be very careful on the every part of the furniture moving. You need to be mindful in every piece or parts of the furniture move because one part of it is very significant. You should do this first after separating the furniture which you need to dismantle and pack for moving in Abu Dhabi. It’s because dismantling is very time consuming to do since you also need to pack and move, load, unload and you need to fix it too once the furniture has been transferred.


Packing of furniture is much easier than dismantling, but you also need to be careful on packing furniture in abu dhabi for you to assure the safety so it will be all damage – free. Everyone treasures their valuables and I think that you really don’t want for them have damage that’s why we need to pack it very well. Make a list of which you need to pack first; small things like tools, decorative things, and small appliances should come first. This will also help you in organizing the things while loading and unloading it as a professional moving company.


When packing your furniture, you don’t just need to prepare yourself for a tiring day but you also need to prepare the packing materials that you can use to secure all your valuables while relocating. You need to buy packing accessories or materials that you will use. This is also one of the advantage of hiring Movers and Packers. They are the one to provide all the things that you needed and you just need to sit, relax and wait for your furniture to come in your new location. You can really save a lot of time when you hire movers and packers since they will do all the work for you. Once they saw the furniture, then they already know what will be the needed materials like how many cartons and its sizes, how many tapes, plastics, cutter, scissors, ropes, marker and how many trucks you need to relocate all of your stuffs.


One of the important things that you need to consider while relocating is the vehicle that you will need to transfer all of your furniture. Isn’t it stressful to think especially when you don’t have something big that you can use or put all the items? Using trucks while relocating is one of the services that movers and packers are providing. They have small trucks if you have less furniture and big trucks if you have a lot of furniture that needs to be relocated. This will also help you


When loading the furniture into the trucks, you need to be very careful even if it is well- packed. It is definitely required to be put in a good and secured way to refrain from having damage while transporting it. You also need to separate appliance, furniture and fragile items to make sure that will be all okay while being transferred. Sofas, big appliances, cabinets, and big tables should be the first to be loaded. Movers and Packers already aware of these things since they are all well – trained when it comes to moving furniture.


In unloading the furniture, safety is a must. You still need to be very careful not just for your furniture but also for yourself. Loading and Unloading is really a stressful work to do especially when you don’t have enough energy since you already did the work from dismantling, packing, and loading of it. Having Movers and Packers who will help you is much better that doing all the work as for relocating your valuables. They are professional in this matter so they really know what to do for the safety of your items while unloading it in your new location.


Packing is definitely a stressful work but have you ever think that after packing all of these items and relocating it then you also need to unpack all of it. It’s surely a nerve wracking and time consuming work. Removing tapes, plastics, papers, boxes and everything is not just a physically tiring but is also a mentally stressful to do. This is why moving and packing companies are offering this kind of services for it to be hassle – free work for all the people who needs to relocate but don’t know what to do or don’t have enough time to prepare for the things that they need.


Unpacking is absolutely not yet the end of the process while moving furniture and appliances. After unpacking all the items then fixing all that you have dismantled before is the last thing that you need to do. Since you dismantled it one by one then you need to fix it and bring the furniture back to what it was before. Every piece from the dismantled furniture is very important that’s why it is really need to be well – fixed. Hiring movers and packers ensures that all the things that need to be done will be done on time and in a secured and safe way and they assures that their clients will definitely exceeds their expectations with their services.

Here is what we shift?

We shift all kind of residential and commercial stuff in UAE like Houses, Apartments, Villas, Studios, Offices, Stores, Warehouses, Shops, Markets, Meeting Rooms and many more things.

House movers and packers

We do have all kind of relocation services in UAE but mostly our targeted type is residential to help our customers. We move all kind of houses if there is any kind of stuff and furniture. There are no limitations in our quote that we’ll only shift the furniture and other items will not move! Nothing there are. We will shift the whole house including curtains, lights, and wall photo frames. As a movers company these are our responsibilities to fulfill properly.

Apartments Shifting in Abu Dhabi

We provide services our services for apartments moving as well as in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of the U.A.E. We do shift all kind of apartments like 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK or any we have abilities to facilitate services. There is no matter if the apartment is in 40th floor 60th floor or 100th floor because we know how to perform our services and responsibilities. But there is one major thing if the move is on stairs then you have to pay extra for the stairs service because you also know that it’s very hard for movers and packers workers .

Studios moving or single items moving

We have services for small studio shifting and also single items shifting if you have studio or any single furniture or other items which are you want to dismantle, pack and shift then send us the photos on whatsapp using the icon in the bottom of the page and get valuable and cheap price according to your moving needs. You don’t have to save our contact number for sending message on whatsapp just click on icon it will redirect you automatically in our account.

Office Moving in Abu Dhabi

We provide professional moving and packing service to shift your whole office including work stations, cupboards furniture, cabinets, files cabinets, files storage furniture, chairs and tables, office tables, meeting room furniture, presentation room furniture, kitchen furniture, manager table and chairs etc. We know how to do this kind of service because mostly our experience is in to shift office furniture. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in moving industry.

Stores, Warehouse, Market or shop moving

We do warehouse and store shifting as well as in Abu Dhabi and also we shift house items to storage, We have professional service for storage packing it’s a bit different than other packaging work because for storage you have to pack items very properly because it’s not for just a couple of hours it’s for days or months even the years. we also provide services for markets and shops if there are any big items like chillers, showcases, and other items which should properly dismantle and fix as you want, We have professional and expert works for that kind of work too.